Mental health- the problem

Some thoughts on what may be the reasons behind the stigma or people not willing to take on professional help easily-

1.Learning about the mind should feel like a natural normal process available to all equally. Giving tools to people when they approach therapy in clinical setups for example sectionalizes them into a seemingly weak or incapable segment- the message that goes out is that “others are ok”, only you need this knowledge.

2.Knowledge is free and should be free- we should be taught mental health and wellness techniques in schools or tuitions.


Why do we have the stigma in the first place?

1.Life is challenging for all- People cling to whatever happiness they can get from life.

2.It is difficult to take on the burden of others.

3.People don’t know how to help because there is ignorance about what the mind is and why a mental health issue develops

4.We have the view that joy, success or pleasure seeking is normal- pain is not

5. There is ego that rejects incapability 

These are very fundamental issues that won’t go away easily. People who are rejecting others also need to learn about the mind as much as those who are suffering.

Typical issues with getting help from therapy/psychiatrist-

1.I have to talk to a stranger about my deepest self

2.I don’t want to keep going to a psychologist or psychiatrist because it reminds me that I am unwell, I want to stop going at some point- just like I would not like to go to a hospital and stay there forever

3.Labeling- Psychiatry labels us and is too clinical- don’t want to associate with it

4.Quality of help- Not every psychiatrist or psychologist is a goodone, there are fit issues

5.Social acceptance- What will people think? There is a stigma that is not going away any time soon, people want to belong, feel capable and be accepted.

6.I want to be normal- Traditional mindsets- I am Ok, not getting help, it is a passing phase, it will always get better- is the normal.

7.Affordability issues

8.Accessibility issues

8. Self respect needs- I feel the best when I am able, self reliant, can take care of myself and can solve my own issues by following preventive self-care.