Peer Support Groups Survey

I had the opportunity to study a Peer Support Group for a Behavioral Health services organization. I created the following survey questions to understand how people using such services felt about the Group and whether it made their day-to-day happiness levels to rise or fall.

Basic research done prior to evaluation- study of methods that were most effective in impacting social and mental wellbeing of people receiving such services, categorization based on types of issues- alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health issues, disorders etc, best practices followed by medical providers/research organizations leading in peer support research and methodologies, etc.

Peer Support- Research Questionnaire
(i) Why do you come to the peer support session? (To offer listening, to learn from others, to feel connected to others in their suffering, to offer any support that I can/just meeting people/not feeling alone etc)
(ii) What do you expect from peer support group/session when you talk about your problem and ask for support?
(iii) Do you hesitate in asking for peer support? Why?
(iv) If you ever asked for peer support about some issues you were going through did you feel supported?
(v) If you were offered support during a peer support session what advice or sharing from others did you value the most- Their listening, their addressing your issue, their compassion?
(vi) Would you rather just listen to others and not talk about your problems?
(vii) Did you ever feel intimidated or vulnerable or overwhelmed during a peer support session?
(viii) Do you have any suggestions about what you would like to change about the peer support sessions here?
(ix) Would it matter more if the peer support session started with an ice-breaker/inspirational quote/joke etc?
(x) Would it matter more if the peer support session ended with a take away note?
(xi) How long have you been coming to the peer support sessions?
(xii) How do you feel at the end of peer support sessions irrespective of whether you have participated or not?
(xiii) Does anything stop you from sharing in peer support sessions?
(xiv) How has coming to peer support sessions impacted your life?