Morning pages

I heard about Julia Cameron's Morning pages from two different sources. Because the sources were reliable I decided give it a try. I have always seen that evenings are a better time for me to meditate, cook, journal, walk, exercise. I do not see myself as a morning person- only woken up on very early mornings if I've had to travel, was on vacation and/or there was an early morning hike to see the sunrise- the one for Haleakala in Hawaii was one of the best! The other early morning rise I remember was for a view of Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling. Stupendous! 

Despite trying to discipline myself into a good work-life balance, mornings are normally flooded with the million things I have to do during the day and so I basically just hop over all the extremely necessary tasks right onto work. There is often a sense of urgency to get stuff done. Definitely no space for joy. Not much time to pay attention to others as well. I am rushed, not present. A few minutes of yoga and meditation in the morning do help -if I get to do it.

So I found the idea of taking a pen and jotting down whatever comes to our mind as soon as we wake up in the morning, very interesting. There is no intention set in this practice. Basically a nice and easy way to vent our cluttered minds so some space can be cleared up for the day. I believe it is similar to painting or sketching except that this is also a practice of higher awareness as our subconscious mind rummages through the haphazardness of our thoughts. I don't know how much difference it makes if you write with a pen vs typing though. I personally feel that writing with a pen is a more 'involved' activity. But it may just be a 'pen-generationer' bias. I feel paper has lesser identity or personality than a laptop- so a higher awareness around 'me' is possible when no 'other' is around. 

I wonder what view a cave man may have on this. There is a feeling of oneness when we are around nature. Nature doesn't separate us from us. Would painting and drawing with fingers on caves be a better way of journaling? 

Enjoy writing!