Why talk about Behavioral health? - I

This comic strip speaks most accurately of how we all feel about mental health. We as a society don't acknowledge pain and suffering, associate shame with inability and find it hard to accept vulnerability. We are ok with pretenses. The impact is that people are unable to get the help they need. We as humans are heavily skewed to the right of fun, joy and success. Suffering is viewed as wrong. We barely learn to deal with this in our school years- the whole concept of education is so tuned towards financial independence and career success- neither truly understanding our emotional independence nor our inherent connectedness with society. Wanting to dissociate with suffering leads to the need to isolate and judge those going through a struggle. Ironically respect, connection and understanding are the deepest  needs of human existence.

The primordial and timeless question is- how can this change? We all know that suffering is inescapable. Sooner or later life throws it on us. What can we do now so we are not hit hard? What are those practices we can develop which enable us now and in future? What is the timeless wisdom that can inspire us in troubled times? How can we prepare ourselves? Where can we learn and share this? How do we ask for help? Who can we ask for help? And what can others do? What works, what doesn't? What can easily be done? What can easily be avoided? Can we start with being open about suffering?