The Happify App

I have used the Happify App on various occasions and have found that it always lifts my mood significantly. It has a few features that really stand out more than any other app in the care or wellness domains. In fact it is more of a wellness package. Here are some that I find outstanding:

I. The Wellness Assessment
When you log into the app this assessment quiz pops up for you to self evaluate how well you are doing. They have done a very good job of keeping it very simple and asking only 4-5 questions. The same questions repeat every time. The next page shows you a graphical depiction of your progress from the previous time you logged in and also a today score and assessment (shown above). After using it a few times I started admiring the simplicity of this feature. It's like everyday you walk into your office and the receptionist smiles at you. And while you wait for the elevator, you strike a quick conversation with her. She tells you where she went on a vacation. You tell her you have been very busy with this new project. Then the elevator door bell rings and it is over. Just like a Keep Alive signal.
II. Negative emotion knockout games
I can't believe that I like playing these. In the earlier versions one of the games was to knock out balloons labeled with negative emotion and ignore the ones with positive emotion. The faster and the more balloons you popped the higher you rose- more perspective?. It was no less exhilarating than firing crackers on Diwali or popping real balloons with paint like in Princess Diaries.

III.  Inspirational, warm, funny Videos
It's like a youtube channel on Happiness with numerous videos that will definitely make you feel good. There is something for everyone (if you are already very happy, you'll still feel happier and lifted). Lots of furry stuff (Dog umbrella dance), informative videos on what to do when you are feeling low, beautiful stories on happiness and compassion, to do things on how to restart our thinking and many other such things.

IV. Get inspired and Connect to Community
There are many other tracks that you can choose- follow or like people's posts, do something new and rant about it yourself, read threads from discussion forums, give advice to someone etc.